Terms and conditions

Please read the following rules for our social school and dog adventures which you accept by signing up to our program. We reserve the right to update or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

Policy for Social school and Dog Adventures

  • Males over 1 year old require to be castrated

  • All dogs need a secure collar / harness with their owner phone number on it

  • It is recommended to not use the council tag while on the outings (to avoid losing it)

  • Doggyland will not be responsible for personal items such as harness or bandanas lost, damaged or drooled on

Cancellation notice

  • 1 week notice will be required for dogs leaving Doggyland permanently

  • Any cancellation require a 48h notice and will be charged half the price

  • Dogs going on holiday will require to pay half the price ($25) of the outing to reserve the spot in the group. Spots will not be reserved for anyone unless paid for in advance

  • In the case of a representative of Doggyland coming to pick up the dog but not having access to the dog (gate left locked, dog inside the house, owner away on holiday without giving notice etc... ) the walk will still be charged normal price. Any refusal to pay for the outing will lead to the dog being asked to leave Doggyland.